Tddium Launches (with Riak and Spinach support)!

We’re proud to announce that Tddium is open to the public!   Read more in our first official press release.

If you’re not already a Tddium user, sign up for a free trial at, or install the Heroku Add-On.

Even as we were putting the finishing touches on our launch, we added support for:

  • Testing against live Riak databases.  We now support live instances of most major DBs:  MySQL, PostgreSQL, Memcache, Mongo, Redis, Riak, and SQLite3.  Anyone out there using a CouchDB or Neo4J in their apps?  We’d love to talk!
  • Tests that use the brand new Spinach BDD framework.  If you haven’t seen Spinach, we recommend checking it out.

We’ve also rolled out some new “beta” features:

  • Bundle installing gems from private git repos
  • Support for git submodules (both public and private)
  • Support for fast_specs

Contact us if you’re up for beta testing!

We’ve got more great things in store for Tddium, so stay tuned!

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