Tddium And New Relic

Today, we’re happy to announce a few new developments with our partners at New Relic!

First, we’re proud to say that Tddium customers can get New Relic Standard for free! Simply click on this link or sign up on

Then, once you’ve got your New Relic account setup, you can link your deploys straight from Tddium with our first version of automatic New Relic deploy notifications. This is just the beginning of useful, time-saving features we have in store for our customers who use Tddium and New Relic. We’ll be sure to keep you posted as we roll out new features.

Example Setup: 3 Easy Steps

Here’s an example of how to set up deploy notifications for a repo that’s already set up with Heroku, Tddium and NewRelic, and configured for Heroku auto-deployment using the procedure described in this earlier post.

1) Configure Tddium with your New Relic API token and App ID.

Your dashboard now shows a “Configure” link for each repo you have set up. It opens a settings page for repo-wide configuration.

The first available setting is New Relic integration.

You can find your App ID by running:

$ heroku config --app | grep NEW_RELIC_ID

Your API key is available through your New Relic Account settings page. Go to Integrations -> Data Sharing, and look for “API Access“.

Enter your settings and click ‘Save Changes’.

2) Install a post_build hook that uses New Relic’s API.

We’ve updated our basic Heroku deploy hook to include New Relic deploy notification support:

3) Trigger a build

If it passes all of its tests, it will automatically deploy and post a notification to New Relic!

Check your New Relic dashboard to make sure it went through.

More To Come

That’s it for now. You can find these instructions and more in our documentation portal:

Stay tuned for how we plan to incorporate New Relic into the streamlined post-build mechanism we’ve got in the works!

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