Shiny New Session Lifecycle Display

You might’ve already noticed, but your Solano CI report page may look a little different than you’re used to. We’re excited to release our newly redesigned Lifecycle display, giving you more insight into your build’s timing and progress.

Solano CI Lifecycle Header

This new lifecycle header splits your build into 4 logical sections:

  1. Startup – This phase includes the time it takes from receiving notification that you would like to start a build, to the time that Solano CI workers are assigned and your code changes have been pulled.
  2. Prepare – This phase includes any setup needed in order to successfully run your tests. This includes running setup and worker hooks, as well as initializing services you may have configured (postgres, mysql, elasticsearch, etc…)
  3. Run – This is where we run your tests. Nothing more complicated going on here.
  4. Finish – After your tests are completed, we run post build hooks, collect and upload logs, and complete any other teardown requested.

We’ve also made all of the timing data used to create this new heading available to users through our outgoing webhooks API.

Let us know what you think. This lifecycle update is a part of our ongoing focus on giving Solano CI users more visibility into every step of their CI build. Stay tuned for more releases in this vein.

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