Release Highlights – Sept. 2, 2015

Welcome back to our Release Highlights series! This edition primarily sees developments on existing features and the platform.

Just a reminder: this series is about keeping you informed, so if there are particular areas of the system or features you’d like to know more about (either in a separate blog post, or through more regular updates in this series) let us know in the comments.

Improvements to Existing Features:
• Scheduled Builds: By default, scheduled builds will always run at the scheduled time, even if there are no new commits on the designated branch. This is now configurable, specifically to set a Scheduled Build to only run if there are new commits.

• Build event timestamps: Revamp the outbound webhook payload to improve build event communications (Documentation)

• Build Profiles: Support `advance_on` configuration, allowing for different rules for different branches (Documentation)

Platform Improvements:
• Automatically hide repos with no activity after 6 months

• Relentless pursuit of app performance improvements – thanks in part to the valuable insight provided by our friends at New Relic


P.S. We’re still looking for beta participants in our Docker Private Beta. If you’re interested, please complete this survey and we’ll follow up with you on how to proceed.

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