Release Highlights – Aug. 19, 2015

Welcome to the first edition of Solano’s Release Highlights series. Recently we’ve been up to our elbows working on new features and in the process, we’ve fallen behind on announcements.  To keep our users better informed, we’ll be posting regular updates here.

Each post we’ll call out new updates that we believe will be of particular interest to our users, such as new features or pre-announcements about upcoming features, updates on supported languages and frameworks, and miscellaneous notes on system improvements.

This series is about keeping you informed, so if there are particular areas of the system or features you’d like to know more about (either in a separate blog post, or through more regular updates in this series) let us know in the comments.

New Features:
• Soft-launch of solano.yml notification configuration rules (Documentation) – More flexibly configure notifications, including recipients and content

• Per-organization customizable queue configurations and per-queue worker reservations (Documentation) – Differentiate queues by repo or even branch and allocate a certain number of workers and builds to each queue

• Fail Fast support (Documentation) – Terminate builds automatically after a predetermined number or percentage of failures through the solano.yml

Improvements to Existing Features:
• Test History view: better performance, branch autocomplete, option to view all branches

• Updates to Build Profiles allowing more overrides, including the queue used (see Custom Queues)

• Slack Integration: Implemented minor stability improvements

Platform Improvements:
• Support for Io.js (Documentation)

• Released support for doxygen, lcov

• Relentless pursuit of app performance improvements – thanks in part to the valuable insight provided by our friends at New Relic

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