Outbound Web Hook Closures

Solano CI supports sending outbound web hooks that contain various information about the status of a Solano CI session. These web hooks are great for collecting data on your Solano CI builds, but many of our users wanted the flexibility to send custom-formatted JSON blobs directly to third party services. Introducing:  Web Hook Closures

Now, Solano CI supports adding a Javascript function that processes the JSON data before sending out web hooks. This will allow users to transform the JSON into a format that can be automatically recognized by any third party service that accepts incoming web hooks. Here is a simple example closure for posting session time stamps to New Relic insights (gist); simply replace the Insert Key with your API key.

Please let us know if you run into any issues, or have an exciting closure to share!

For additional information, consult the Solano CI Documentation or contact us directly at support@solanolabs.com


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