New Feature: Organizations

We’ve just released a major update to user and billing management, along with streamlining changes to the main “dashboard” view.

Our concept of “organizations” should be familiar to users of other popular products, and its introduction should be seamless for all of our existing users.

Instead of belonging to a single “account”, a user can now participate in multiple “organizations,” each of which can have multiple owners.  Users and organizations both gain a “handle” that uniquely identifies them, paving the way for a single user to have multiple associated email addresses.

When you configure a new repository in Tddium, you’ll have to pick which organization to add it to.  After that, all of the activity in that repository is visible only to the owning organization’s users and the owning organization is responsible for its usage and billing.

A Fresh Dashboard

Our old dashboard view was an account-wide list of all repos and branches.  Not only was its design inflexible with our new organization model, it was also ungainly for users with many old branches, or a large number of repos.

The new dashboard introduces the ability for each user to follow and unfollow branches within a repo without affecting the display for other users. (This replaces the “archive” operation.)  When we do receive a notification that a branch has been deleted (e.g. from Github), it will be hidden for all users.

Handles, Handles, Everywhere

As part of this upgrade, we’ve automatically assigned handles to users and organizations.

For most cases, our handle-generating robot has done a good job, but if you’ve got a handle that you don’t like, feel free to change it.   We may at some point disable self-serve handle change, but we’ll give you plenty of notice before we do so.

Odds And Ends

As part of this update, we’ve filled in a number of small but important gaps in our account management interface to make basic operations more intuitive and self-serve:

  • Change of email

  • Change of password

  • Github account linkage

  • Change of account ownership

More to Come

We’ve been anticipating these updates for months, and we’re proud to have them finally released.  We’re also really excited about the new functionality that we can build on top of this model.

As ever, we’re here to answer your questions, gather your feedback, and continuously improve our service.

Feel free to use the in-app feedback and support forms, our support forums, or email us at


The Solano Labs Team

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