New CLI Feature: ‘tddium rerun’

Now you can re-run a focused set of tests based on what failed in a Tddium Session!
We’ve released a new version of our CLI, tddium-1.13.0, that introduces two commands to make our CLI workflow smoother:

The ‘rerun’ command will start a new session on Tddium’s cloud with only the failed tests from the original session.
For locally re-running failures from a Tddium session, I’ve been using `tddium describe` with a small shell-script wrapper:
Give them a try and let us know how they work for you.

Note: `tddium rerun` is pretty simple right now — it doesn’t do much in the way of local sanity checking, so if you ask it to rerun the tests for the wrong repo, it’ll happily try.

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