Easy Continuous Deployment You Can Trust ft. Apica


Thank you to everyone who joined our webinar! In case you were unable to do so, then worry not. The full presentation, including every slide and resource, is available in this post.

In this presentation, Brian and Troy demonstrated a continuous deployment release process using GitHub, Solano CI, Apica, and AWS CodePipeline. The release process includes smoke, unit, integration and load tests to guarantee issue-free deployments, enabling a safe and easy push-button deploy process.

Brian and Troy also demonstrated how to:

  • Build your software release pipeline by connecting different steps into an automated workflow using AWS CodePipeline
  • Capture accurate and consistent performance data for each of your releases
  • Automatically stop a release when performance or errors don’t meet predefined criteria
  • Auto-parallelize your test runs with a Continuous Integration server using Solano CI

Check out the full presentation video here

Lastly, we would like to thank Apica for co-hosting this webinar, and AWS for their support. We <3 our partners!

Any questions/feedback? Let us know! We would love to have you present at our next webinar, stay tuned for details!

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