Deploy passing builds automatically with AWS CodeDeploy and Solano CI

Today at AWS re:Invent 2014, Amazon Web Services (AWS) released AWS CodeDeploy, a fully managed, high-scale deployment service that lets developers quickly and simply automate the process of deploying and updating applications. Solano Labs is proud to be working with AWS for the launch of AWS CodeDeploy. You can now build, test and deploy your app with ease using Solano CI with AWS CodeDeploy.

Currently, developers have to roll their own deployment automation after tests pass, which is time consuming and challenging. Solano Labs’ integration with AWS CodeDeploy is a turn-key solution: A few clicks on the AWS Management Console to set up the AWS CodeDeploy configuration and a few lines added to the Solano configuration file are all that is required. Without having to invest in their own automation, developers are able to deploy passing builds to their servers.

Solano CI integrates with CodeDeploy to seamlessly deploy applications once it passes CI builds. In addition to simplifying continuous integration flow with Solano CI, deploying with AWS CodeDeploy further streamlines development pipelines. Once a build has passed its tests, Solano CI prepares apps for release and pushes the app revision to AWS CodeDeploy. Solano CI can be configured to take different actions depending on the branch that is being built. A simple setting allows for production builds to wait for a deployment window while automatically deploying pre-release branches to a staging server. Solano CI will also confirm with CodeDeploy that all servers in the deployment groups have been updated.

This integration is immediately available. Take a look at Solano CI and AWS CodeDeploy Documentation along with this short video tutorial to get started.

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