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Filesystems Directory Entry Order and Reproducible Testing

File systems are a ubiquitous abstraction in computing: they provide a natural way to manage raw storage and provide a mapping from file names to stored objects. Frequently we can leave the messy details of semantics to the poor soul implementing the file system.  The basic interface is very simple: a file system consists of […]

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Testing External Redirects: VCR & Capybara-Mechanize

The problem:  You need to test an action in a Rails app that redirects to an external site or service.  For example, you want to do multipass-based single-sign on with Assistly. You think, “Fine.  I’m using fakeweb, I’ll just create a stub for the external API.”  This works fine in theory, until you get the […]

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Fast Browser-testing with WebKit and Selenium

We’re happy to announce that we’ve rolled out support for testing Rails and Rack applications using capybara-webkit! We’ve been using this fine tool from Thoughtbot to test some of our own Rails applications, and we highly recommend it. The traditional problem with browser-based testing frameworks (like Selenium, watir, webkit, envjs, etc.) is that they’re slow.  Tests often […]

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