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Test your JavaScript!

Tddium now supports tests for JavaScript-rich web applications with a number of tools: Capybara using both the default :selenium and :webkit Javascript drivers JS unit and functional testing using jasmine-headless-webkit Cucumber or RSpec tests running in our environment automatically have access to a private Selenium Webdriver and/or Webkit servers with Firefox and Chrome browsers.  Tddium will […]

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Broken Migrations and Missing schema.rb

ActiveRecord Migrations are slick.  They allow easy access to a powerful database with minimal knowledge of SQL, and they promise an easy way to reconstruct a DB schema.  Unfortunately, they’re fragile in the face of large teams and code that has changed significantly. Migrations and schema.rb There are two ways migrations can reconstruct a schema into a […]

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Tddium Isolation

We’ve been busy adding features to Tddium in the last few days, including MySQL 5.1, Sqlite3, and Spork. Redis and MongoDB are implemented and about to be released. More importantly, we’re now using Tddium internally on a regular basis and I have to say it is a big step forward. Why? Well it certainly is […]

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Continuous Integration and Deployment for Heroku Apps

Update 5/2012: Read our latest blog post about Continuous Deployment for Heroku Apps We’re in the process of developing a Heroku Add-On to provide seamless Continuous Integration and Deployment of your Heroku app, using our test infrastructure to automatically run tests, manage results and actions to take on tests passing or failing. After you enable […]


Another Demo, Another Deck of Slides

We demonstrated Tddium at the SF Ruby Meetup on 5/12/2011 at Loggly. Here are the slides:

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Tddium is all grown up!  At least, a little more grown up than it was last week. Yesterday, we were able to “eat our own dogfood” and run our complete test suite in our hosted environment. That means we now support: Rails 2 and Rails 3 Ruby 1.8.7 and Ruby 1.9.2 RSpec Cucumber Test::Unit/shoulda Safe […]

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BDD for secure REST APIs using cucumber, pickle, and rack-test

The moving parts of tddium communicate with each other using a JSON REST protocol.  The protocol is implemented using an API server written in Rails 3.  The entire rails app is covered with cucumber and rspec tests, and we don’t make changes without accompanying test coverage. Having reliable testing has been a pleasure.  It has […]

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Prototype Demo Screencast

We put together a screencast showing a demo of our prototype. In the demo, we show how tddium can save you time by running tests in parallel.  Tddium takes a suite of 27 Selenium tests that would normally take about 30 minutes to finish and completes it in just over 5 minutes. In the grand tradition […]

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Y Combinator 2011 Intro Video

William and Jay talk about tddium!

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Something to show for ourselves…

Tuesday, at the Boston.rb users group, we gave our first technology demo.  In 15 minutes flat, we introduced the product and completed a test run in a fresh workspace. Check out the slides!

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