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Heroku Continuous Deployment

A few weeks ago, we rolled out preliminary support for automatic code coverage collection and custom post-build tasks. Over the coming weeks, we’re rolling out better UIs in front of these features, but if you’re impatient, and you’re up for using our sample rake task, read on for end-to-end continuous deployment. I’ll describe how we use […]


Tddium Launches (with Riak and Spinach support)!

We’re proud to announce that Tddium is open to the public!   Read more in our first official press release. If you’re not already a Tddium user, sign up for a free trial at, or install the Heroku Add-On. Even as we were putting the finishing touches on our launch, we added support for: Testing […]

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Continuous Integration and Deployment for Heroku Apps

Update 5/2012: Read our latest blog post about Continuous Deployment for Heroku Apps We’re in the process of developing a Heroku Add-On to provide seamless Continuous Integration and Deployment of your Heroku app, using our test infrastructure to automatically run tests, manage results and actions to take on tests passing or failing. After you enable […]