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Introducing Solano Labs 30/30: 30% Faster Builds or 30% Lower Bill

Solano Labs is proud to announce our most ambitious campaign to date. Our 30/30 promotion offers you 30% faster builds or a 30% lower CI bill. No catch. It truly is that simple. Our technology is the most scalable in the industry and we are happy to issue an open invitation for anyone to try […]

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Solano CI Integrates with Amazon EC2 Container Registry at Launch

Today, we are proud to announce our integration of Solano CI with Amazon EC2 Container Registry (ECR).  With Amazon ECR and Solano CI, you can now reliably build, test, and deploy your Docker workflow without operating your own container repositories or scaling your infrastructure.  Amazon ECR is a fully-managed, secure, and highly-available Docker container registry […]

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Solano CI integrates with AWS CodePipeline

Solano Labs is proud to announce our recent integration with AWS CodePipeline. AWS CodePipeline users can now quickly and easily set up a build and test workflow without manually provisioning an on-premises Jenkins cluster. CodePipeline provides users with a standardized and extensible build & deploy pipeline system. Being available as a pipeline step means that Solano CI […]

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Docker Container Testing…in Parallel

Like many in DevOps, I’ve sipped the Docker Kool-Aid and like how it tastes. Being able to standup any well-balanced combination of servers pretty much at will to handle load is a beautiful thing. I almost feel embarrassed that it was just a handful of years ago that I had to explain to a previous coworker “if we […]

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Merge and Done: Safe and Speedy Docker Deploy on Amazon ECS

Docker promises easy container management. Amazon EC2 Container Service (ECS) promises quick deployments. Solano CI takes advantage of both to provide safe automatic deployments whenever you merge a pull request. One action and your cloud is running your latest code. When a Solano Labs engineer brought up the idea of updating a docker example repository to demonstrate […]

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Deploy passing builds automatically with AWS CodeDeploy and Solano CI

Today at AWS re:Invent 2014, Amazon Web Services (AWS) released AWS CodeDeploy, a fully managed, high-scale deployment service that lets developers quickly and simply automate the process of deploying and updating applications. Solano Labs is proud to be working with AWS for the launch of AWS CodeDeploy. You can now build, test and deploy your […]

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Entropy in the Cloud

Anyone who considers arithmetical methods of producing random digits is, of course, in a state of sin. -John Von Neumann Good sources of random bits are hard to come by, particularly in the cloud. Pseudo-random generators (PRG), particularly cryptographically secure ones are something of a dark art. All of them depend upon the quality (or […]

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Backups in the Cloud, Part II

Back at the end of March we talked about the importance of having good backups in the cloud. Today, I’ll describe the system we use here at Solano Labs in a little more detail. For applications hosted in Amazon’s cloud, we use EBS volume snapshots stored in S3. The general approach is force the system […]

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When Disaster Strikes

This morning Amazon suffered a major outage in its Virginia data center. We’ve talked about the importance of backups here before and will provide some more technical details about our backup strategy in a future post. In the meantime, the Amazon outage is a great example of why disaster recovery plans have to take prolonged […]

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