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Announcing Solano CI Tutorial & New GitHub Integration

Solano Labs is excited to announce the release of our brand-new GitHub Integration! Using the newly built GitHub Integration, we are able to provide a catered onboarding tutorial that shows you how CI/CD works within Solano CI – all using free open-source codebases. The tutorial walks users through: Forking one of our open source example repositories: scipy composer solano cli […]

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Welcome to Solano- Test execution

Welcome to `Welcome to Solano!` In this blog series, we’ll examine a few key concepts and features of Solano Labs’ flagship product, Solano CI. The goal of this series is to help orient them while learning to use the system, while refreshing current users too; we hope you find them handy. Please let us know […]

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Introducing the Solano CI Video Tutorial Series

Here at Solano Labs, we take customer feedback very seriously. One of the most common pieces of feedback we get is that Solano CI is difficult to understand and navigate. The system is expansive and powerful, and it can be difficult to understand how to harness that properly. With that in mind, we have decided […]

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Another Demo, Another Deck of Slides

We demonstrated Tddium at the SF Ruby Meetup on 5/12/2011 at Loggly. Here are the slides:

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Prototype Demo Screencast

We put together a screencast showing a demo of our prototype. In the demo, we show how tddium can save you time by running tests in parallel.  Tddium takes a suite of 27 Selenium tests that would normally take about 30 minutes to finish and completes it in just over 5 minutes. In the grand tradition […]

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Y Combinator 2011 Intro Video

William and Jay talk about tddium!

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Something to show for ourselves…

Tuesday, at the Boston.rb users group, we gave our first technology demo.  In 15 minutes flat, we introduced the product and completed a test run in a fresh workspace. Check out the slides!

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