Bitbucket API and Webhook Refresh

We would like to congratulate our friends at Bitbucket for releasing their latest update of APIs and webhooks to improve the way they address the latest continuous integration and deployment needs.  We’re happy to have worked with them in improve the user experience of both Bitbucket and Solano CI customers.  Here’s a summary of their changes:

  • Fuller, more descriptive payload – Check out the updated docs from Atlassian payload documentation to see the latest changes.
  • Fine-grained control over events – repository, issue, and pull request events.
  • Improved troubleshooting – you can now review recent requests, including status codes and response times.

For more information, see this post from the Bitbucket team.

We hope that these changes are making your CI/CD pipeline more effective.  If you need any help taking advantage of these changes, please feel free to let us know at, and we’ll gladly give you a hand.  Thanks again to Atlassian for working with us to address developers’ needs together.

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