Announcing Custom Worker Volumes

At Solano Labs, we like to get more done faster. Solano CI was designed from the beginning to run tests faster by running them in parallel on multiple workers, and many of the features we’ve rolled out over the years were implemented with the goal of getting customers’ build results back to them as quickly as possible.

Another benefit of Solano CI is the customization of the build environment. We want our workers to emulate customers’ development/production environments, not the other way around. Our base workers have a great many software packages, libraries, daemons, and other executables pre-installed. This allows for quicker builds, as activating a package and/or specifying its version in a solano.yml configuration file is faster then installing it in every build.

With the goal of further improving build speeds and allowing customers to accurately match the build environment with that of their development/production systems, we are introducing Custom Worker Volumes. Instead of running builds on our default worker volume, this feature allows running builds on a worker volume of your choosing.

For now, Ubuntu 14LTS and 16LTS worker volumes can be selected, but with Solano BX powering this feature, completely custom worker volumes will soon be selectable on a per-repo or even per-branch or per-profile basis:


We had planned on waiting until the workflow/UI for customizing worker volumes was more polished before announcing this feature, but the release of Chrome version 59 adjusted our timeline. Chrome broke compatibility with our default worker volume (Ubuntu 12LTS) some time ago, and while we had been maintaining compatibility ourselves, the requirements for versions 59 make this no longer possible.

We have example configurations for packages that require Ubuntu 14 or higher customer worker volumes for:

Let us know what you think!

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