Announcing Build Pipelines

We’re very excited to announce the release of Solano Build Pipelines. Build Pipelines are a way for you to chain together multiple Solano CI sessions into a seamless Continuous Deployment pipeline.


Solano Build Pipeline Animated


Each pipeline step represents a separate Solano CI session, so each runs with its own set of Solano’s parallel workers. This means that you can utilize the power and flexibility of Solano CI’s auto-parallelization to get faster build results, thereby accelerating your deploy times. Writing a deploy step can be as simple as executing a custom shell script; or you can utilize one of our many deployment integrations. Pipelines will only continue execution if every step preceding a particular step successfully passes.

Along with the release of Build Pipelines, you’re now able to run Solano Build Profiles in parallel! This means that Build Matrices can also run in parallel by default. To enable this functionality users can change their plan key to pipeline, or can contact and we can turn on the functionality for the plan key.

We’re pumped to see how you’re planning on using Build Pipelines. Tweet us @SolanoLabs (and me @b_kendz) with your crazy pipeline configurations – see if you can come up with something useful that’s crazier than this pipeline:

a crazy Solano Build Pipeline

If you want to learn more about Build Pipelines, check out our documentation, or contact us directly at

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