Monthly Archives: October 2015

Sauce Labs and Solano CI: Browser and Mobile Testing Made Simple and Secure

Ensuring that your app works across all the devices, operating systems, and browsers that your users can access it is a daunting task. Market share figures from Net Applications will tell you that Internet Explorer still reigns supreme, while StatCounter will tell you that Chrome won the browser war globally a long time ago. The […]

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Solano CI: Now with iOS Testing!

Building and testing your mobile app got you down?  Don’t worry – Solano Labs is launching beta support today for building, testing and deploying your iOS apps, along with our existing Android support in Solano CI.  Building and testing on iOS is available for free during this limited beta period.  In addition to trusting Solano […]


Merge and Done: Safe and Speedy Docker Deploy on Amazon ECS

Docker promises easy container management. Amazon EC2 Container Service (ECS) promises quick deployments. Solano CI takes advantage of both to provide safe automatic deployments whenever you merge a pull request. One action and your cloud is running your latest code. When a Solano Labs engineer brought up the idea of updating a docker example repository to demonstrate […]

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