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Multiple Ruby Patchlevels and Bundler Versions

Fine-grained dependency control is essential to a keeping yourself sane as a developer.  A coarse example is when you are writing code on OSX and your teammate is coding on Linux.  Your teammate complains to you that some of the tests fail, but they all pass for you.  You spend several hours debugging and realize […]

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New Feature: Archiving Suites

We’re happy to announce a newly released feature:  You can can now archive old suites.  This feature is especially convenient if you follow a topic-branch or git-flow methodology, where you may be creating several new branches every day. You’ll find an archive button in your dashboard.  Click it to hide the suite. If you made […]

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Usability Enhancements to the Tddium CLI

We’re happy to announce some changes to the “tddium” command — the main CLI interface to Tddium. To pick up the changes, “gem update tddium” to get version 1.4.1 or later. Watch the video tour: 1. “tddium run” – Automatic Suite Setup and Testing TL;DR: “tddium run” automatically creates a suite (setup for CI) for […]

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Heroku Continuous Deployment

A few weeks ago, we rolled out preliminary support for automatic code coverage collection and custom post-build tasks. Over the coming weeks, we’re rolling out better UIs in front of these features, but if you’re impatient, and you’re up for using our sample rake task, read on for end-to-end continuous deployment. I’ll describe how we use […]


Order-Dependent Test Suites

The other day I was helping a customer with a persnickety failure in his MiniTest specs when I came across the following gem in MiniTest: [code language=”ruby”] ## # Call this at the top of your tests when you absolutely # positively need to have ordered tests. In doing so, you’re # admitting that you […]

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