Monthly Archives: September 2011

Ansible: Render ANSI escapes to HTML Fast!

Hot on the heels of Antilles, we’ve released another gem into the wild:  Ansible. Ansible is an ANSI-escape to HTML conversion tool that’s fast enough to use on large input. Particularly, it’s meant to be significantly faster than the ansi-sys gem for large input text. The ansi-sys HTML renderer uses a O(n^2) algorithm to process stateful ANSI […]

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Antilles: Testing CLIs that use Web Services

We’re happy to announce our first OSS release, the antilles gem! Antilles is a companion to aruba that makes it easier to test CLIs that use web services by spawning a local stub HTTP server.  It’s an alternative to fakeweb, for cases like aruba, where fakeweb can’t be used because the process being tested can’t have its network conveniently […]

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