Monthly Archives: June 2011

Tddium Isolation

We’ve been busy adding features to Tddium in the last few days, including MySQL 5.1, Sqlite3, and Spork. Redis and MongoDB are implemented and about to be released. More importantly, we’re now using Tddium internally on a regular basis and I have to say it is a big step forward. Why? Well it certainly is […]

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Backups in the Cloud, Part II

Back at the end of March we talked about the importance of having good backups in the cloud. Today, I’ll describe the system we use here at Solano Labs in a little more detail. For applications hosted in Amazon’s cloud, we use EBS volume snapshots stored in S3. The general approach is force the system […]

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Continuous Integration and Deployment for Heroku Apps

Update 5/2012: Read our latest blog post about Continuous Deployment for Heroku Apps We’re in the process of developing a Heroku Add-On to provide seamless Continuous Integration and Deployment of your Heroku app, using our test infrastructure to automatically run tests, manage results and actions to take on tests passing or failing. After you enable […]