Monthly Archives: April 2011

BDD for secure REST APIs using cucumber, pickle, and rack-test

The moving parts of tddium communicate with each other using a JSON REST protocol.  The protocol is implemented using an API server written in Rails 3.  The entire rails app is covered with cucumber and rspec tests, and we don’t make changes without accompanying test coverage. Having reliable testing has been a pleasure.  It has […]

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When Disaster Strikes

This morning Amazon suffered a major outage in its Virginia data center. We’ve talked about the importance of backups here before and will provide some more technical details about our backup strategy in a future post. In the meantime, the Amazon outage is a great example of why disaster recovery plans have to take prolonged […]

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Error Injection via “t1.micro”

One of the most important, and often overlooked, parts of making software robust is to exercise the error handling paths.   Engineers spend hours devising schemes to generate errors, and good testers have a talent for tricking software into doing things its authors never expected.  Companies invest heavily into stress testers, load-generators, fuzzers, penetration testers, […]

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