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Prototype Demo Screencast

We put together a screencast showing a demo of our prototype. In the demo, we show how tddium can save you time by running tests in parallel.  Tddium takes a suite of 27 Selenium tests that would normally take about 30 minutes to finish and completes it in just over 5 minutes. In the grand tradition […]

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Backups in the Cloud

Every organization needs to have disaster recovery plans: disks fail, computers crash, buildings burn, and users delete files inadvertently.  In the bad old days, backups meant tapes and, if you had the money, a tape robot.  If you were serious about backups you rotated a set of tapes off site.  A remote office, if you […]


Y Combinator 2011 Intro Video

William and Jay talk about tddium!

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Capistrano and Chef Solo for Configuration Management

Tddium is designed to address two problems: tests that take too long to run and test infrastructure that is too painful to manage.  In both cases, the underlying goal is to save developers time while helping them to improve the quality of the code they deliver.  Parallelism in the cloud is part of the story: […]

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Something to show for ourselves…

Tuesday, at the Boston.rb users group, we gave our first technology demo.  In 15 minutes flat, we introduced the product and completed a test run in a fresh workspace. Check out the slides!

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Why we founded Solano Labs

Well over a year ago, I realized that cloud computing cycles were “perishable goods”, just like empty airline seats, empty hotel rooms, unsold event tickets, wilted flowers, or spoiled fish. Modern business has developed sophisticated auction markets to efficiently allocate these resources, and it seemed only a matter of time before the same thing would […]

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What’s tddium?

tddium is an emerging product from your friends at Solano Labs. Our goal is to make testing as fun and easy as it should be.

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