Introducing Solano Labs 30/30: 30% Faster Builds or 30% Lower Bill

Solano Labs is proud to announce our most ambitious campaign to date. Our 30/30 promotion offers you 30% faster builds or a 30% lower CI bill. No catch. It truly is that simple.

Our technology is the most scalable in the industry and we are happy to issue an open invitation for anyone to try it by providing an extraordinary benefit in the form of faster builds or lower cost. We are bringing the classic soda blind taste test to the enterprise software world, so try Solano CI today and experience our patented auto-parallelization and newly redesigned onboarding flow and decide for yourself. It is easier than ever to set-up a Solano CI account and get your build turnaround time down to #coffeetime–  the time it gets to get a cup of coffee.

Here’s how you can get in on the 30/30 action:
Spending over $1000 on CI per month?

  • Sign up for this special offer on this page.
  • Connect your repo and provide your current CI configuration.
  • Give us a few days to show you how much time or money you can save.
  • Pick Faster builds or Lower Cost.
  • Use the time or money you saved to throw a party for your team. Cheers!

Spending less? We got you covered too. Save 30% on your CI bill with Solano CI, connect a repo to get started.

Now relax and brew some coffee with the confidence that by the time your cup is ready your tests will be done and your team ready to continue working on core mission, not wrangling with test environments. Welcome to #coffeetime.

It’s a bold move, but we are confident in our industry-leading speed and customer support. For more information on Solano Labs 30/30 visit, visit us at AWS re:Invent (Booth #2320), or join the conversation on Twitter at #coffeetime.

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