Solano Labs Sponsors New Community:

We are extremely happy to announce the launching of an online community blog based on the interest we have received from our first three Automated Testing Meetup Groups.  The blog is called AutoTestCentral.comWhere people who write and test software come to talk about automation”  We are very excited to grow and support this community!

Here we will post on all things about the Automation of Software Testing.  We decided to create this blog after trying to share content among our Automated Testing MeetUp Groups.  We currently have groups in San Francisco, New York City and Boston.  We have had some great talks in each meetup, and sharing presentation materials to only each city’s own meetup page was not going to cut it!  We had people in SF wanting to know about NYC and people in Boston trying to learn what the last month’s SF talk was about!  With the hopes of launching in more cities in the new year, we knew we needed to change something!  So we created this blog, so that we can share all the content from the MeetUp Groups in one place… here!

We are also going to be asking the community to contribute posts.  We already have some great ones posted from leaders in the space.  If you or someone you know would like to author a post, please reach out to Sarah at, and she will guide you through the process.

If you are in one of our covered cities please join! If you would like to have an Automated Testing MeetUp group come to your city, please say so in the comments section.   

We hope to see this group grow organically into a place where all testing professionals can learn, knowledge share, post content and talk with one another.

Thank you!  Lets get started!!!

  • The Solano Labs Team

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