Solano CI Service Discontinuation Notice

Dear Solano CI Users:

In October 2017, Solano Labs, Inc. (“Solano”) announced its acquisition by GE Digital LLC (“GE Digital”). Since that time, we’ve been hard at work to integrate ourselves into GE Digital and plan the future of the Solano CI services (“Services”).

As part of the continued integration of the Service into GE Digital’s Predix Platform, please be advised that effective as of January 11, 2019 (“Discontinuation Date”):
1. GE Digital-Solano will cease operation and support of all versions of the Services available at (the “Site”), including all tools, forums and other content and information on the Site;
2. the Services and Site will cease processing of all customer builds and GE Digital will delete all customer data (including without limitation, all customer data stored, analyzed, processed and/or used by the Site or Services); and
3. Your contract(s) with Solano, including all Terms of Service and amendments for the Services and/or Site will terminate, with this notice serving as GE Digital’s notification to you of the same.

Prior to the Discontinuation Date, you may access the Site and Services and request or download your data from the Services, consistent with GE Digital’s Terms of Service. Following the Discontinuation Date, your access to the Site and Services will be terminated and all your data removed. GE Digital, its affiliates and subsidiaries, will have no responsibility in connection with its discontinuation of your access or use of the Services or Site following the Discontinuation Date.

This notice will not affect any separate agreements you may have with GE Digital, its subsidiaries and affiliates, for other products and services, which will remain in effect in accordance with their terms. Should you have any questions or concerns regarding this notice, please contact us for assistance.

We invite you to consider transitioning from Solano CI to Predix CI. Predix CI is a continuous integration and delivery service integrated with the Predix platform that provides powerful, scalable systems and tools that enable software developers to build, test, and deploy apps and microservices efficiently and reliably. It is optimized for use with Predix apps and platform, but it supports other public or private cloud environments, and most common source control and artifact management systems.

Predix CI offers much of the functionality of Solano CI, with improvements to the UI, a more flexible configuration model, and a simpler configuration format designed for more varied CI/CD pipelines. It also supports the solano.yml configuration file and syntax unchanged. We expect that your projects configured to work with Solano CI will migrate smoothly into Predix CI with minimal effort on your part. We are thrilled to offer a free plan that includes 1 concurrent worker for no cost. More subscription plans and pricing details are available in the Predix service catalog here.

We have prepared a few videos to help you get started with Predix CI:

Please contact us at for help with creating a Predix account and configuring Predix CI, migrating your projects from Solano CI to Predix CI, or if you choose, to transition your data to another CI system. We hope to continue to work with you as a part of GE Digital through Predix CI.

Best Regards,

The Predix CI Team

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