RabbitMQ, CouchDB, Build Controls & CCMenu

Update: CCMenu can now be configured from your organization’s chat notifications configuration dialog.

Happy Holidays, everyone!

Tddium’s been open to the public for a month now, and we’ve seen great response and growth we can be proud of!   Tddium has run over 750k tests, with usage accelerating every day.

The Tddium elves have been hard at work on holiday presents for our loyal users.  We’re happy to announce these great new features:

New Integrations:

  • RabbitMQ integration:  now your tests have access to sandboxed live RabbitMQ instances.
  • Couch DB support (preliminary):  We asked if anyone used Couch DB, and you answered “Yes!”.  Enjoy!  Tddium’s CouchDB is compatible with apps that use Cloudant’s popular hosted DB service.
  • CCMenu/CCTray integration:  If you’re used to having CCMenu to track build status, Tddium is here to fit your workflow.  Check out the CCMenu configuration link in your dashboard.  The CCMenu link delivers an XML document with all of your build status, so you can use it to drive your own status displays.
  • MySQL 5.5 support, and timezone support in all versions of MySQL
  • RepositoryHosting.com post-commit notifications:  Use Tddium with RepositoryHosting for full-featured Git repository and CI hosting.

User Interface Enhancements:

  • Streamlined dashboard:  the most recently used suites are listed first, with space for inline controls and configuration
  • Build Controls:  start a CI build, stop a running build, bookmark your latest build
  • Support for  multiple SSH keys:  the tddium gem now lets you authorize multiple SSH keys for pushing to Tddium.  You can either user a key you already have, or generate a new keypair.
  • Support for git submodules
  • HTML page capture for Spinach test failures
  • Better support for multi-byte characters in source and Rake files: many new pre-installed locales, with the default locale set to en_us.UTF8.
  • Email notification controls:  suppress CI notification emails, for example if you use Campfire

We’re here to make Tddium more useful to you, so stay tuned for what’s coming down the pipe.


The Tddium Team

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