Per-Repo GitHub Status Configuration

The Solano CI integration with GitHub uses OAuth for authentication.  Today we have rolled out the ability to set the credentials used to post GitHub status on a per-repository basis.  To configure an alternate set of credentials for a repository, go to the GitHub Status menu item on the repo configuration page  (click on the gear icon in the dashboard).  You can then select from the list of users that have linked their accounts with GitHub via OAuth or enter a personal OAuth token.

One of the useful features of GitHub OAuth tokens is that they can be used to authenticate command line tools.  In addition to using curl to access the full GitHub API you can use OAuth tokens for git over ssh or to download files from the command line.  The GitHub OAuth token is made available as an automatically managed config variable: GITHUB_OAUTH_TOKEN.  This config variable is exported to the build environment as an environment variable where it can be used by setup hooks and post build hooks.  For instance, you can use it to generate an authenticated URL to download custom esearch plugins from a private repository or to authenticate git pull or git push as part of setup and teardown.



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