Migrating from Snap CI to Solano CI

As many in community are already aware, Snap CI will be retired in August of 2017. The offered migration is to GoCD, an on-premise CI/CD solution – as this product may not fit the needs to current SnapCI customers we felt it was appropriate for us offer a comparison to Solano CI so that customers migrating are choosing the most appropriate and easiest product to migrate onto.

Solano CI is a cloud-based CI/CD SaaS that allows customers to unlock incredible performance from their existing test suite. Solano CI customers have seen 10x improvements in testing time using our unlimited parallelism, advanced caching, and extremely customizable build process. Not only that, but Solano CI is extremely easy to get running and simple to customize to fit your exact build workflow.

Comparison of Solano CI to Snap CI

Here is a quick rundown of the main differences between Solano CI and Snap CI:

Solano CI to Snap CI Comparison


We’re confident that Solano CI can get existing Snap CI customers running with their desired CI workflow in no time at all. Sign up for a free account and try us out – check out our documentation or contact us at support@solanolabs.com if you’d like to have a conversation about the migration process.

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