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Webinar Recap: Easy Continuous Deployment You Can Trust

Thank you to everyone who joined us for our webinar last week, produced in collaboration with Sauce Labs, titled “Easy Continuous Deployment You Can Trust”, featuring Solano Labs Founding Engineer, Brian Kendzior, and Sauce Labs Solutions Architect, Neil Manvar. In this presentation, Brian and Neil demonstrated a continuous deployment release process that used GitHub, Solano CI, […]

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Dr. Testlove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Automated Testing* by Brent McNish

(A great post from one of our joint Sauce Labs / Solano Labs Customers at Thanks Brent for sharing! Congrats guys on your Beta Launch!) with apologies to Stanley Kubrick I’m the co-founder and CTO of Deliberator, a new social network for ideas. Deliberator brings people together to create, debate and propagate solutions to the complex problems […]

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Testing External Redirects: VCR & Capybara-Mechanize

The problem:  You need to test an action in a Rails app that redirects to an external site or service.  For example, you want to do multipass-based single-sign on with Assistly. You think, “Fine.  I’m using fakeweb, I’ll just create a stub for the external API.”  This works fine in theory, until you get the […]

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Prototype Demo Screencast

We put together a screencast showing a demo of our prototype. In the demo, we show how tddium can save you time by running tests in parallel.  Tddium takes a suite of 27 Selenium tests that would normally take about 30 minutes to finish and completes it in just over 5 minutes. In the grand tradition […]

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