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Python, PyCon, PyPy

As we launch our CI solution Tddium into full Python support here at Solano Labs, we are happy to see more opportunities for us to collaborate with the Python community and contribute back.  Last week at the PyCon sprints, I got a chance to sit down with Maciej Fijałkowski (@fijall), Armin Rigo, and the PyPy […]

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Rails SQL Injection

A serious security vulnerability in all released versions of Rails was announced on the Ruby on Rails Security list on January second. You can read more about the details in the original post here and follow the CVE case here. The short version is that all extant versions of the ActiveRecord ORM were vulnerable to […]

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Tddium Service Outage: 12/19/2012

On Wednesday 2012 Dec 19, the main Tddium web service experienced an outage for about 4 hours when our primary database crashed.   We had been preparing a warm-standby DB replica for production deployment in January. We were able to use it to recover completely.  We are now live with a high-availability architecture in our primary […]

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Build notifications via Google Talk

We just posted a sample post-build task for build notifications via Google Talk, similar to how we deliver notifications via Campfire. The code can be configured as a post-build hook by adding the following to the Rakefile in your repository:

This example guards execution of the hook by checking if the GTALK_LOGIN environment variable […]

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Tddium And New Relic

Today, we’re happy to announce a few new developments with our partners at New Relic! First, we’re proud to say that Tddium customers can get New Relic Standard for free! Simply click on this link or sign up on Then, once you’ve got your New Relic account setup, you can link your deploys straight […]


Ruby 1.9.3 and Encoding Trouble

Character encodings are a perennial source of trouble. Simple calculations such as string comparison, collation, and even length are a function of the encoding. Reliably translating string encodings is, as a practical matter, frequently painful. The primary string encoding functions in Ruby 1.9.3 are in the core Encoding class. James Gray has a helpful blog […]

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