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Backups in the Cloud, Part II

Back at the end of March we talked about the importance of having good backups in the cloud. Today, I’ll describe the system we use here at Solano Labs in a little more detail. For applications hosted in Amazon’s cloud, we use EBS volume snapshots stored in S3. The general approach is force the system […]

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When Disaster Strikes

This morning Amazon suffered a major outage in its Virginia data center. We’ve talked about the importance of backups here before and will provide some more technical details about our backup strategy in a future post. In the meantime, the Amazon outage is a great example of why disaster recovery plans have to take prolonged […]

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Backups in the Cloud

Every organization needs to have disaster recovery plans: disks fail, computers crash, buildings burn, and users delete files inadvertently.  In the bad old days, backups meant tapes and, if you had the money, a tape robot.  If you were serious about backups you rotated a set of tapes off site.  A remote office, if you […]


Capistrano and Chef Solo for Configuration Management

Tddium is designed to address two problems: tests that take too long to run and test infrastructure that is too painful to manage.  In both cases, the underlying goal is to save developers time while helping them to improve the quality of the code they deliver.  Parallelism in the cloud is part of the story: […]

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Why we founded Solano Labs

Well over a year ago, I realized that cloud computing cycles were “perishable goods”, just like empty airline seats, empty hotel rooms, unsold event tickets, wilted flowers, or spoiled fish. Modern business has developed sophisticated auction markets to efficiently allocate these resources, and it seemed only a matter of time before the same thing would […]

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