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Changes to Solano Ruby Dependency Analysis

One of Solano CI’s features is to automatically detect project dependencies such as mysql or postgres.  For a Ruby project, this functionality works by analyzing the Gemfile in the project’s repo. We introduced Gemfile analysis originally in 2011, and the approach we took several years ago (which we’re calling v1) has recently shown a number […]

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New Feature: Configuration Validation

We’re happy to announce a new feature of Solano CI: validated solano.yml configurations. One of the most common support issues we see is configuration mistakes.  YAML is a much friendlier format for configuration files than, say, XML, but it comes with its own set of gotchas.  If your editor helpfully converts whitespace to tabs, that’s […]

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Deploy passing builds automatically with AWS CodeDeploy and Solano CI

Today at AWS re:Invent 2014, Amazon Web Services (AWS) released AWS CodeDeploy, a fully managed, high-scale deployment service that lets developers quickly and simply automate the process of deploying and updating applications. Solano Labs is proud to be working with AWS for the launch of AWS CodeDeploy. You can now build, test and deploy your […]

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