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Python, PyCon, PyPy

As we launch our CI solution Tddium into full Python support here at Solano Labs, we are happy to see more opportunities for us to collaborate with the Python community and contribute back.  Last week at the PyCon sprints, I got a chance to sit down with Maciej Fijałkowski (@fijall), Armin Rigo, and the PyPy […]

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Profiling Ruby, or, How I Made Rails Start Up Faster

Last week Ruby application startup got about 2-3x faster when four patches of mine were committed to the MRI/CRuby interpreter. The improvements will be in the upcoming Ruby 2.0 release. The techniques I used to identify what was slow, so I could fix it, are accessible to anyone and are useful for diagnosing any performance […]


Tddium for JRuby

Here at Solano we’ve run over 13 million tests since Tddium launched.  We hear on a regular basis that a fast, automatically managed continuous integration platform changes the way our users develop software.  We’ve also heard from folks that want the power of on-demand testing and CI with Tddium but use JRuby.  We’re therefore pleased […]

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